The Punisher CBD Set


Immune Support + Daily Botanicals + Daily Balm

The Punisher CBD product set including Daily Botanicals, Immune Support, and Daily Balm.

Kokua Creations CBD is a full spectrum oil.

Full Spectrum

Kokua CBD is outdoor grown in Kentucky.
Ginger Essential Oil

Outdoor Grown

Kokua creates their products in small batches in order to create less waste.


The extraction process used by Kokua is CO2 extraction.

CO2 Extracted

Products at Kokua are 3rd party tested.

3RD Party Tested

Kokua Creations CBD is a full spectrum oil.

full spectrum

Kokua CBD is outdoor grown in Kentucky.

Outdoor grown

Kokua creates their products in small batches in order to create less waste.

Small Batch

The extraction process used by Kokua is CO2 extraction.

CO2 extracted

Products at Kokua are 3rd party tested.

3RD party tested

Ancient Remedy for Holistic Support

Nature is the best chemist. The ingredients are grown and extracted delicately to stay true to earth’s creations, preserving the plant’s biological integrity.

The science behind these botanicals will be listed here soon. Marie is compiling data and putting together concise explanations on how cannabinoids and botanicals work internally. In the meantime, you may find the information and explanations on our FAQs page useful.

Research-backed information will be listed here soon. Marie is diving into the medical publications and revisiting her favorite holistic literature to summarize and link the research on ingredient benefits.

Subcritical CO2

CO2 in its subcritical, liquid phase enables extraction via low temperatures and pressures to preserve delicate therapeutic compounds, such as terpenes, CBDa, and CBGa. CO2 extraction offers unprecedented tunability and delicacy for processing hemp flower.

The Punisher’s co-founder, Marie, has been immersed in research and extraction using CO2 technology for eight years. She published research articles in Extraction Magazine in 2018 assessing subcritical versus supercritical extraction parameters, as well as an in-depth analysis of fractional CO2 extraction as it relates to the cannabinoid content and profiles present in the extract over the course of the process run time. Marie developed her own preferred processing methods and regularly tunes her extraction parameters based on the assessment of the input floral biomass and cultivar characteristics.

Marie studies herbalism and holistic remedies to combat imbalances and chronic illnesses induced by the stresses and toxicity we are inevitably bombarded with as part of the modern day lifestyle. She personally develops and formulates the recipes for The Punisher’s wellness products.  



Cannabinoids are molecules found in the hemp flower offering functional support by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors of our body’s endocannabinoid system.


Terpenoids, often referred to as terpenes, are the aromatic constituents of essential plant oils and extracts that function as major biosynthetic cellular messengers. 


The essence of functional botanicals rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals infused with organic oils to support the various systems and functions of the body.

The Punisher CBD Set

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Coconut MCT Oil
Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Cardamom Essential Oil
Vitamin D
Clove Essential Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil
How to use Kokua Creations CBD oil.

How To Use

Daily Botanicals + Immune Support Suggested Use

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Administer sublingually by dispensing dose under the tongue.
  3. Hold under the tongue for at least 60 seconds.
  4. Swallow and enjoy daily support.

Consistency is key to support overall health, and the benefits of CBD compound with cumulative use. Some effects may be subtly evident within the first few doses, while others can take up to 30 days of consistent use. Individual results may vary. Ingest up to two times per day for natural proactive and restorative internal support. Daily Botanicals can be taken in combination with Immune Support. One may choose to take one product dose in the morning and the other in the evening.

Apply Daily Balm externally as needed to the targeted region. A little goes a long way! Apply a thin layer. Build onto the first layer if necessary after 15 minutes. This item is meant to be utilized on specific trouble areas, such as joints, lower back, neck, etc.

Your wellness needs will be custom to your unique biochemistry, environment, and daily routine. Questions about dosage and how to take Immune Support + Daily Botanicals? We are here to support you. Reach out to our team anytime! For more information on sublingual dosing and what to expect from CBD, visit the FAQs page.


300mg CBG, 300mg CBD, 150mg CBG-A, 150mg CBD-A


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