4x Muay Thai World Champion

Sakasem “The Punisher”


4x Muay Thai World Champion Sakasem Kanthawong, known worldwide as “The Punisher,” presents his custom product line. Proactive and restorative wellness formulas and training gear specifically to service practitioners of Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, CrossFit, weight-training, and more. As such, these custom products are perfectly suited for anyone dedicated to excelling mentally and physically every day, fostering internal balance, and enhancing connection to self, nature, and community.


Cellular Support

The Punisher’s Detox plant-powered antioxidant-rich liquid chlorophyll supports a balanced gut and boosts overall health. Use daily to detox, debloat, cleanse, energize, alkalize, and replenish from a cellular level outwards. Created by the team’s extraction scientist, this blend of phytonutrients eliminates internal toxins, promotes digestion, and helps support healthy liver function. Combined with a proprietary blend of botanicals to cleanse and protect the body on a cellular level, Detox is the ultimate addition to your training regimen.

Daily Botanicals

A daily dose of cannabinoids + botanicals to aid homeostasis providing functional support for mood, stress, sleep, pain, and inflammation.

Daily Balm

Rich in cannabinoids and functional botanicals, the topical balm releases tension and targets inflammation while nourishing the skin.


Represent the Punisher and Fight Factory gym with custom training gear. This double-sided beanie is crafted with embroidered  logos.

Plant-Powered wellness

Functional and adaptogenic phytonutrients serve as all-natural primers for optimal health and wellness, aiding homeostasis.  Innovative plant-based formulas support resilience against modern-life imbalances, with potential to offer natural relief and enhance recovery for those who challenge themselves relentlessly on a journey of self-improvement. At the core of The Punisher’s mission is supporting your dedication to a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle.

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